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"In my fifteen years at Yale, few people have impressed me as Tracy George has. Her passion for and knowledge of wellness are vast, and her commitment to students and staff is unmatched. Tracy commands every room she walks into with charisma, energy and positive attitude. The Good Life Center she designed and managed became one of the hottest spots on campus for good reason. When I first visited the center, I was blown away not just by its beauty and functionality, but also by the wisdom and meticulous planning of every inch and every color. Later, when I found out that Tracy built this crown jewel of wellness at Yale with barely any financial support, I was blown away again. No wonder that she quickly achieved a rock star status, with hundreds of followers from all over campus."

-Ziv Eisenberg, Ph.D., Yale Department of History & Slifka Center for Jewish Life

“Tracy is a proactive and tireless leader within the national wellness community. Tracy possesses a unique skill set to develop or enhance the wellness initiatives for a vast spectrum of organizational structures. She is dependable, detail-oriented, and extremely personable; allowing stakeholders and clients to feel centered, connected, and free to be themselves in her presence. Further, she is intuitive and responsive to the evolving needs of wellness spaces. Tracy approaches projects intended for self-development with customizable frameworks. Tracy is a connector. She is a fearless adventurer who thrives in navigating the fluid environment that a successful wellness professional must navigate.”

-Dr. Sean Bogle, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

“I have worked with Tracy George for the past year, and have found her wellness insight to be invaluable. Our department has participated in Tracy’s meditation coaching. I consider this to be an integral part of professional development and wellness. It is particularly important for staff to have a sense of calm when approaching the work-day. I have also worked with Tracy in relation to student affairs programming. She is clearly a visionary. Tracy has the unique ability to create a specific wellness plan based on a group’s needs.”

-Meridith Cayer, Yale Physician Associate Program

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