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True wellness work focuses on touching the heart of our shared seeking and longing that drive us to engage in certain health behaviors—diet, exercise, sleep, smoking, etc. Our systems, productivity, financial wellbeing, relationships, and selves suffer when we neglect not only these surface level behaviors, but more importantly when we neglect the root causes. Conversely, when we feel supported, understood and connected, we are then empowered to choose more wisely and lovingly for ourselves and each other. This compassion-based approach has the capacity to address the most pressing issues that students and professionals are facing—anxiety, depression, burnout and loneliness. 


Tracy George Wellness (TGW) can help your community thrive by delivering a combination of evidence-based skill-building, facilitating connection among community members, and creative design of the spaces in which this connection occurs. Whatever type of space your community is focused on improving—intrapersonal, interpersonal, communal, physical, virtual—TGW offers adaptable services to meet your needs.

Photo: Summer view of the Maine shore through pine forests, 2019

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