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Tea Time with Tracy

Compassionate, individualized mentoring support for youth and emerging adults

Tracy has developed a unique style of mentoring for youth and emerging adults known as Tea Time with Tracy. This program began at Yale, where she's mentored hundreds of students navigating emerging adulthood, anxiety, depression, relationships, career and passion, self-development and existential inquiries. Tracy grounds this work in her training in Motivational Interviewing, Mindful Inquiry, mindfulness teacher training, yoga teacher training and self-compassion work. 

See what students have said about their experience of Tea Time with Tracy:

"I came to Tracy at the good life center at Yale after a long hard two weeks of midterms. I was feeling completely deflated thanks to a big dose of imposter syndrome and needed a place where I would feel safe and welcomed to combat the unwelcoming feeling that the imposter syndrome was giving me. By a lucky chance -- or perhaps Tracy's strategic planning -- the meditation session that I attended fit perfectly with the place that I was in and ultimately helped me to be relieved of it. During Tracy's session, I found not only the safety and welcoming atmosphere that I was seeking, but also the encouragement that I needed to confront my state of mind. After just one session I noticed a difference in myself. It was like I got reset. Since then I have gone to a number of Tracy's meditation sessions and highly recommend her to friends and peers on campus in need of some mental health care."

-Katie Bryne,

Yale College student

"I attended weekly community meditations with Tracy. Initially, those meditations were a godsend that helped me build resilience during an emotionally difficult time. They eventually became a weekly ritual, a place where I could reliably feel supported and grounded. Tracy has an uncanny ability to quickly foster a warm, trust-centered, and welcoming space where folks can courageously explore their inner lives and wellbeing, adopt new approaches for growth, and - when desired - share their discoveries with others.  She lays the foundation for the type of community that can transform people, organizations, and society."

-Donovan Ervin,

Graduate student from the Yale School of Forestry

"As a person, Tracy is exceptionally warm, empathetic, compassionate, and insightful. These traits, coupled with her profound knowledge and experience in the science and practice of wellness, make her a highly effective coach, guide, and mentor. Moreover, Tracy curates and holds spaces in unparalleled ways; she transforms rooms, offering support and inspiration where it is needed most. I am in awe of her intuition, active listening, and her ability to articulate and synthesize the complexities of the world around us. Tracy has had such an immensely positive impact on my own life and throughout the broader Yale community. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to everyone."

-Arianna Nuri,

Graduate Student from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

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