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Build or Grow Your Community Wellness Program with Long-Term Expert Guidance

Organizations, schools, firms and other institutions are ripe for building and maintaining cultures of wellness. We can help assess your community's needs, create a plan, execute programming, and empower your community to run its own wellness program in a matter of time. Regardless of the size of your institution or amount of resources available, we can help you create the community you desire and offer follow-up guidance to make sure you're on track. Long-term packages for custom wellness program design can include:

  • Coaching with leadership and management personnel on leading healthy workplaces

  • Community needs assessment

  • Group skill-building programming (see Classes & Workshops)

  • Train-the-Trainer programming for employees and students to develop peer support networks

  • Individualized support for employees and students (see One-on-One Consultation)

  • Long-term follow-up and support

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